Set for gastronomy!

About us

Provinum is the only importer in Sweden that works completely integrated with high end gastronomy wine & food. We work together with our sister company, Werner’s Gourmetservice.  Today, Provinum has a large assortment of wines with energy and vitality that represent their origin and terroir. The portfolio includes everything from big brands to small niche producers from around the world. All with a common thread – they are suited for gastronomy. The passion and target is to find the great taste sensations and to contribute with this knowledge all the way to the end consumer, whether it’s at a restaurant, at home or in the air.


Werners Gourmetservice

Werners has delivered high end gastronomy since the start 1990 and delivers today directly to 1500 restaurants in Sweden. Working closely with Werners is a win-win solution for both companies. Together we reach many restaurants and offer a unique platform for inspiration, ingredients, knowledge and wine.


Provinum is working with gastronomy based on a very long and extensive beverage experience. Provinum is seeking the combinations that make food & selected beverages tastes better together. One of our partners is Aveqia, a cooking studio where the guests cook their own dinner together with professional chefs and get the experience of a real restaurant kitchen. Provinum wines stands för the majority of the wine assortment at Aveqia.

Provinum is a proud sponsor of the Swedish Culinary Team


Our Future

Without the support and collaboration with our partners around the world it would be difficult to reach our goals. By exchanging experiences and gather stories of success from the producers we work with we can share knowledge and inspiration to others. Here are some of our inspiring partners.


  • 40% of the total volume sold to Systembolaget is organically certified
  • Our sales representatives drive electric or hybrid cars
  • We only use renewable energy in our office
  • Our transportation by boat is always emission reduced


We aim to…

  • Increase our sales of organic wines to Systembolaget to 60%
  • Increase the rate of sustainability certifications among our partners by influencing those we already work with to get certified if they aren’t already and prioritise new producers who are in conversion or certified.
  • Be the industry leader in sustainability
  • Be climate-positive in 2030

We are a team of senior professionals.  The strategy for Provinum is to work with passionate producers that strive to create personal quality wines where the flavours mirror the origin.

The Provinum Team

Elisabeth Engelsen Ellqvist

Managing Director | StockholmTel:+ 46 703 48 66 11

Matthias Pettersson

Sales Development Manager | StockholmE-post:matthias@provinum.seTel:+ 46 736 46 86 86

Marie Åslund

Marketing Manager | StockholmE-post:marie@provinum.seTel:+46 701 48 34 44

Fredrik Svennbeck

Logistics Manager | StockholmE-post:fredrik@provinum.seTel:+ 46 702 57 38 51

Clara Grabe

Senior Brand Manager & PR | StockholmE-post:clara@provinum.seTel:+46 762 21 12 78

Johan Nilsson

Brand Manager | Stockholm/VäxjöE-post:johan@provinum.seTel:+46 706 43 38 97

Jessica Gilck

Digital Communications Manager | Stockholm E-post:jessica@provinum.seTel:+46 760 01 65 11

Ellinor Holm

Logistics (Parental leave) | StockholmE-post:Ellinor@provinum.seTel:+4673 73 37 208

David Wenell

Sales Manager | StockholmE-post:david@provinum.seTel:+ 46 768 82 78 46

Fredrik Aron

Key Account | Syd/öst/västE-post:fredrik.aron@provinum.seTel:+ 46 708 76 87 02

Adam Lindberg

Sales | StockholmE-post:adam@provinum.seTel:+46765777191

Gustav Kock

Sales- and Marketing Coordinator | Stockholm E-post:gustav@provinum.seTel:+46 722 06 83 13

Ida Kärnblad

Accounting | SkaraE-post:ekonomi@provinum.seTel:+46 730 21 85 45